Scottish Session

I run a slow session focusing on Scottish traditional music - if you play a folk instrument and would like to play some Scottish music once in a while, we're a friendly bunch. The session has been running a while now; our first one was away back in March 2013. You can join the mailing list here, or if you email me I can add you.

Location is the Vauxhall Griffin, on Wyvil Road, SW8 2TH. It's a few minutes walk from Vauxhall station.


We stick to the fortnightly schedule even if we have to cancel a specific date - so the following dates should be set more or less in stone for the next year or so! 19 Mar 2018, 02 Apr 2018, 16 Apr 2018, 30 Apr 2018, 14 May 2018, 28 May 2018, 11 Jun 2018, 25 Jun 2018, 09 Jul 2018, 23 Jul 2018, 06 Aug 2018, 20 Aug 2018, 03 Sep 2018, 17 Sep 2018, 01 Oct 2018, 15 Oct 2018, 29 Oct 2018, 12 Nov 2018, 26 Nov 2018, 10 Dec 2018


The word set should not necessarily be taken to mean the below are played in the order they appear or together. Some sets we play very consistently, others are not...please do let me know if there's anything missing or that you'd like to see. Requests welcome!

Calum's Road
4/4 Marches
Road to Banff Pipe Jigs
The Flat Key Jigs
Church Street Polkas
Flowers of Edinburgh reels
Spootiskerry set
Cape Breton Reels
Pipe Reels
Slow reels
Pipe Jigs
2/4 marches
2/4 Pipe Marches