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Tuition Policies


My teaching schedule is as follows:

Monday2pm - 6pm
Tuesday4pm - 5pm
Wednesday2pm - 8pm
Thursday2pm - 8pm
Friday2pm - 8pm
Saturday9am - 2pm

You will have a fixed time slot which will remain the same from week to week. Please make sure any time slot is manageable for you in terms of travel time and other obligations.

To find a suitable slot, please check my availability page which shows my current availability.

Rates & payment

My annual monthly rate is £147.50 for hourly lessons each week, or half-hourly lessons pro rata. For details of other costs see my Teaching FAQs.

Payment is monthly in advance, and should be received before the first day of the month for which it is due. I will send out invoices around the middle of each month.

Lessons starting mid-month will be charged in the same way as tutor absences below.


Although learning to play music is a life-long journey, it is normal that only part of that journey is spent with any one teacher. When it’s time for you to move on, it’s time, and I understand it’s not personal. I ask for a month’s notice in order to finish current projects and set goals and directions for future progress.

I reserve the right to terminate lessons if I feel it appropriate (with unused lessons refunded) although I hasten to add I have never yet done so!


Student absences are not refundable. If 24 hours notice is given, a “catch-up lesson credit” can be given. Catch-up slots will be available after regular tuition finishes on a Saturday and I will also offer any other slots available due to other absences. For this reason early notification of absence helps everyone.

Only one catch-up credit is available at one time; if you miss two weeks in a row, you can attend ONE catch-up lesson.

Tutor absences will be credited at 25% of the monthly fee per lesson missed, or a catch-up credit issued if a suitable slot can be found. Credits will be applied in advance if possible, or to the following month's invoice. I aim not to have to cancel lessons but from to time to time it is of course inevitable. Notice will always be as long as possible.

I usually take a few weeks break during the year, and also travel up to Scotland frequently during the summer months, particularly at weekends. There will also be a two week break over Christmas.