I put up little snippets from time to time, either of pertinence to particular discussions or hopefully of more general interest.

A very simple sight reading exercise generator

Thanks to the amazing folks who produced abcjs, I managed to produce a simple web page that generates sight reading exercises. It runs entirely on your own computer, so you can save a local copy of it to use offline. If you'd like to modify it, feel free - abcjs is GPL3, and as far as I'm concerned my own code is public domain.

Ezeedrone's reeds for smallpipes and borderpipes.

I wrote a review of these some years ago, and despite accidentally deleting it several years ago, it's still one of the most popular pages on my site! I recently found a working backup and managed to get it live again.

Dixon jigs

I reckon the jigs in Dixon should sound like jigs; here are snippets of the Stool of Repentance and the Black and the Grey, also known as John Patterson's Mare.

Pachelbel's Canon

Pachelbel's Canon in D, one of the most annoying classical pieces ever, is, with a certain degree of musical violence, playable on the pipes. I've typeset a version I found on the ftp server, and here it is. It comes set both as a 'master copy' and as individual parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. My understanding is that this setting is public domain and to date, no-one has informed me otherwise...


Crunluaths are a common movement to have difficulties with. If you find you have trouble with missing gracenotes and weak, inconsistent movements, you might find this approach helps.

Donald MacDonald

The start of a project to create modern settings for all the light music in Donald MacDonald's "A Collection of Quicksteps, Strathspeys, Reels, and Jigs arranged for the Highland Bagpipe". I'd love to hear if you make use of these settings.


June 2nd, 2006 - The King's Own Scottish Borderers paraded in Duns for the last time as an independent regiment. Living over the town square, I managed to get some pictures.

Feel free to use these images however you like - if you make money off them, cut me in ;)


I made a set of exercises covering a number of aspects which may be of interest to aspiring pipers.

Low Country Dance

Also known as the Lochaber Dance, Fred Morrison recorded this fine old tune.